Tom Veiga


The world renowned Brazilian artist and designer Tom Veiga, an art director at the agency Midia Digital in Curitiba, Brazil. He has a passion for design, art, waves and surf culture. With his training in design he is accustomed to working on creating company campaigns and site designs, however Tom has more recently found a great way to relax and enjoy his time by drawing waves.

"God was very inspired when he created and designed the sea waves, all very perfect, each wave has a shape, color,
single feature, and it all inspired me to reflect the beauty of the sea and the waves through the design," says Tom Veiga.

Thus the union between his work as a designer and his passion for surfing, Tom created Serie Waves, collections of art inspired by the sensations and feelings that the sea wind, the sun's heat and movement of the waves pass.

His art seeks forward-featured waves around the world, based on simple lines but with much movement and bright colors. Tom Veiga reflects his reading of the waves with design.


1. When did you decided to become an artist?

Maybe about 5 years ago I began to discover more about the culture, admiring artists that could express their passion for the waves with their art and style. This is when I started thinking about how I could show my reading of the waves through the art and design .

I started drawing waves and trying to figure out what my dash, which was my style, it took a while until I hit my style.

2. Where did you train?

I studied design, film and advertising and now I have studied marketing at a college here in Brazil.

When I studied communication and design, made new experiments sought new ways to express my art and improve my work.


3. How did your education influence you?

Currently working in an advertising agency as art director, I love design and I am in love with waves, it helped me to combine the two passions.

My background in design and communication gave me a very good basis for the style of my art, creative concepts and design, color studies and traits are important basis for my work.


4. Where do you get your ideas?

Ideas and inspiration to make the waves can come at any time, a journey, a surf DVD, a magazine, a website with images of surf, so I always walk around with paper and pencil, because when I have the idea of a wave design her at once.

Sometimes I breathe in some wave states of the world, a place I've ever met or even dream to meet you, it helps me to be always closer to the sea and surf culture when I draw.



5. What artist or artists inspired you?

Surfarts several artists I admire, I like the style that each artist expresses his art, because each language has a very specific and valioza.

I very much appreciate the work of Brazilian artist Hilton Alvez the realism of his art, the art of jay alders also has a unique language and strong colors, and like much of Erik Abel that always inspires me all the hallmarks of his works.

But every person who expresses his passion through art has a very large value, like to see all styles of art expressing that love the waves.


6. Are there any symbolic images in your work?

My art is simple, I like to portray characteristics of each wave with maximum simplicity and life possible, the shape, color, size, and erythrocyte movement, for God is so perfect that it made each wave in the world with a unique caraterstica, and I I try to translate that in my drawings.

I always try to make waves in tubes, for being the greatest passion of a surfer, I always try to put forward the sun for the heat of the moment, and joy that one day the sun gives them.


7. What helped shaped you as an artist?

My background in design has helped me improve my style, my style of drawing, now working in an advertising agency, the daily is well run, create campaigns, design websites.

Do the arts in his spare time to relax, and my professional experiences have helped me to refine and further explore my art.


8. What medium do you use and how did you decide on that?

Today my art is digital, do it first on paper, then scan and start to finish on the computer.

Once ready to order prints matte photographic paper and put frames.

But I am starting a series of hand painted art, I want to launch in the middle of the year these new waves.

There are some waves that design that just decide to do on the computer, but let others that have drawn on paper for future paint the hand with acrylic paint.


9. What do you hope to accomplish as an artist?

I still travel the world with my family to draw waves I want to be increasingly involved with surfing, do more exhibitions and use my art to help foundations presenvação ocean as I have, I help the Surfrider and Save the Waves.

I think we have a lot of artists and help concientizar people in preserving the environment, the art is strong language and can convey that message.