Gabriel Padial

At 17 years of age Gabriel Padial began his interest in photography as a hobby. Making his home in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he was born and raised, the positive results and growth he experienced in photography pulled him towards choosing the field as a profession. Three years later Gabriel became involved in water-based action sports photography focusing his efforts around the sport of surfing.
After seven years Gabriel now counts communications media, advertising agencies, newspapers, and magazines among the clients through which he has established himself as a professional photographer. Most recently, Gabriel has been developing his skills in commercial photography while finishing a bachelor’s degree in graphic design. People & friend’s know him as “Dread”


1. When did you decide to become an artist?

At my sixteen - seventeen… I started in the photography world.

2. Where did you train?

The best surfspots in P.R.

3. How did your training influence you?

To be focus & happy always.

4. Where do you get your ideas?

Most of the time from my mind…sometimes from you, him or her & mix it w/ something that I had in mind for sure.

5. What artist or artists inspired you?

Howard schattz & a couple mores, it depend on how I feel.

6. Is there symbolic imagery in your work?

Maybe…if someday I get loss of memory or anything happen …that can be a proof of who I knew & hang out in my life .etc

7. What helped to shape you?

God, family, friends & my own motivation.

8. What medium do you use and how did you decide on this?

I try to participate on everything…print mags, webs, expos & many more.

9. What do you hope to accomplish as an artist?

Doing what I really like…live from my own talent & meet good people in my journey of life.