Celine Quadri


C-Line aka Céline Quadri (born 1981) is a Zurich based designer and artist. Always more interested in painting, art and creative work, she quit high school but was convinced by her bread-earners that a proper job would be an appropriate thing to do. This brought her to a hotel management school where she earned her “real life”-degree. In 2005, C-Line spent two years in Berlin where she continued to develop her paint art & style and where she also won the 2006 “Passion is Fashion Contest” for a lingerie line sponsored by Pussy Deluxe. Céline now lives in Zurich together with her two dogs that need her daily attention next to her artwork.

C-Line currently paints and designs a once squatter-occupied villa together with art colleagues next to the Rote Fabrik at the Lake of Zurich. The place will open for the public soon with an exhibition followed by a club night at the villa.



How would you best describe your artwork?

Well, I don’t really like my work to be categorised. But I guess I fall into the “streetart” sector, I however prefer myself being seen as someone doing contemporary art.

With what kind of material do you prefer to work?

I mostly work with acrylic paint and ink. Increasingly I apply pasting techniques and use paint rollers as part of my explorative artwork. Really, I’m pretty open to any new technique and to learn new things.

Do you have a big role model that you follow?

I don’t have some big artist that I admire in particular. I try to stay truthful to my style and what I believe in. I’m not someone who follows the art scene simply to be part of it. I try to do my own thing and hope that some people will continue liking my style.

So, if you don’t want to be part of the glitzy art scene, how would you imagine your life in 10 years from now?

A nice house out in the countryside with enough space for my dogs and my artwork would be nice. But quite frankly this sounds a bit like a cliché; I’m equally to drawn to the big cities in the world and could well imagine working in another art-inspiring large city. For now however, I feel at home in Zurich.

Talking about big cities and the United States. What’s your link to the states?

Quite frankly I have only been to the US once when I was a little girl. At the end of the day it’s all about the people that surround you in any geography. No matter whether you sit in Bali, Thailand, Germany, the US or elsewhere.

Any surfing experience?

Actually, yes. I surfed in Portugal and on Fuerteventura in Spain. I continue snowboarding and I very much like the lifestyle of the board and streetwear world and now that you ask I even got a sponsorship in my early years as a skateboarder......and ultimately I feel connected to your apparel & design work as I do a lot of street art influenced painting. I really think that GLAS has chosen an interesting approach with its art-based apparel. I look forward to seeing the brand in Europe one day.... .