Aaron Ernst

If you have ever fought the crowd at Rincon dreaming of catching just one to yourself, then chances are you see one guy seemingly getting all the best wave's. Who is that guy you ask? His name is Aaron Ernst. "Arson" as he is known to his friends, is by far one of the best surfers to ever come out of the Santa Barbara area. With names like Tom Curren, Chris Brown, Bobby Martinez, and Josh Bradbury all hailing from this prestigious piece of California coast line some may think this is a heavy claim. However Aaron's amazing tube riding skills and patented forehand hacks has garnished him respect from these surfers and his peers in the local community. His quiver easily makes him the most recognizable guy in the lineup as well. Glas caught up with Aaron to talk about his other passion, you guessed it ART. Arson's artwork is gaining popularity and respect throughout the state and his unique board art is some of the best I have ever seen. So kick back and learn more about this amazingly talented surfer/artist.


Aaron just about everyone knows how well you surf, but not everyone knows what a talented artist you are. When did you first discover a passion for drawing and painting? Are you self taught or have you gone to school to perfect your skill.

I've always been drawing. Ever since I was a little kid. I would always draw while the teacher was talking. I went to school for Multi Media Arts where I learned how to convert my Art into computer graphics and design websites. I now learn from an amazing fine Artist, Thomas Van Stein who totally flipped the way I approach a painting now.

At what point did you realize that Art is what you wanted to do as a career?

I never wanted a 9-5 job. I like working at night or when the waves are small so Art has helped me find an escape from the daily grind. I wouldn't call it a career, it's just what I Love to do and I definitely am not in it for the money.

Your boards are always displaying your artwork and they "draw" a lot of attention on the beach, have you done any board art for any big name surfers.

Not really. Just my friends. There is this one famous Mexican Surfer from the West side, I forget his name though. Martinez? LOL

Has your work been featured in any gallery's or publications?

I have shown at Latitude Galley, Soho Rest/Bar, Carr Winery. I have Art currently at The Brewhouse and have shows coming up @ EOS bar and Bryan Lee clothing store.

How has your art been perceived in the general public and what genre or style would you classify it as.

I really don't know what the general public thinks.... I wanna say Surf Art with a twist of Dark humor and plenty of sarcasm is my style. My influences have been Rick Griffin, Roy Gonzalez, Drew Brophy and a little Marvel comics too.

Where do you see your career taking you in the next few years?

It's funny.... The more Art I produce, the more doors of opportunity open for me, or any Artist for that matter.

Where can our fan's check your stuff out, Do you have your own website?


Right on Arson, Thanks for your time.

No. Thank you.


Dave Schauber